Bioquímico, ETH, Zürich, Switzerland.

Doctor en Ciencias Naturales, ETH, Zürich, Suiza.

Profesor Titular, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Chile

Laboratorio de Comunicaciones Celulares

Área de investigaciónBioquímica y Biología Celular, Microbiología

 Línea(s) de Investigación: (posibles tesis)

Rol de Caveolina-1 exosomal en promover angiogénesis y metástasis de tumores

Rol de Helicobacter pylori en cáncer gastrica y efectos sistemicos de la bacteria inducidas por la liberación de OMVs

Líneas de Investigación

Fondecyt 1210644

FONDAP 15130011

Role of caveolin-1 in exosomes. CAV1 is also known to be present in exosomes from breast cancer and melanoma cells; however, its role there remains poorly defined. We have evidence that aggressive breast cancer cells, which express endogenously CAV1 produce exosomes with CAV1. Moreover, these CAV1 containing exosomes, but not exosomes from CAV1 knock-down cells, promote migration, invasion and metastasis of less aggressive recipient breast cancer cells. By mass spectrometry analysis, we identified a number of proteins that are exclusively present in CAV1 containing exosomes as related functionally to the process of cell adhesion. Currently, studies evaluating the role of these proteins in the biological responses triggered by CAV1 exosomes are underway.

Helicobacter pylori related work. The development of gastric cancer associated with Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infection has been linked to oxidative stress generated in part due to an immune response against bacterial virulence factors. H. pylori gamma glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT) is a secreted enzyme that contributes to production of reactive oxygen species and is associated with peptic ulcer development. Alternatively, although expression of the inhibitor-of-apoptosis protein survivin in adults is frequently linked to the development of cancer, evidence indicating that the protein is present in normal gastric mucosa is also available. Our results revealed that H. Pylori infection of gastric cells leads to loss of survivin and cell death via a mechanism mediated by GGT. Alternatively, we have more recently become interested in how H. Pylori infection induces the expression of hypoxia-induced factor-1a, a transcription factor that coordinates many aspects important to tumor development. Most recent results implicate the virulence factor urease in this process by acting as a ligand that binds to the toll-like receptor-2 (TLR2). Currently, we are evaluating how these events contribute to inflammation induced by H. Pylori, as well as how H. pylori may trigger extragastric effects via the release of Outer Membrane Vesicles (OMVs). Together, we anticipate our observations will open up the possibility of developing effective non-invasive tools for early diagnosis and treatment of early stage disease using nanotechnology.

Publicaciones Recientes

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