Doctor en Ciencias Biomédicas, 2003

Universidad de Chile

Biología Celular y Molecular

Laboratorio: Laboratorio de Transformación Celular, Programa de Biología Celular y Molecular, ICBM (ORCID: 0000-0003-1678-2708)

Área de investigación: Bioquímica, Biología Molecular, Biología Celular

Líneas de Investigación:

  1. Effect of interaction of the N-terminal domain of ECE-1c with 14-3-3 proteins in cancer cells
  2. Effect of 14-3-3 binding on ECE-1c stability and cancer stem cell-related signaling
  3. Blockage of phospho-ECE-1c:14-3-3 interaction and its effects in vitro and in vivo on aggressiveness of cancer cells

Resumen investigación y financiamiento:

Our main research interest is the study of the molecular and cellular mechanisms regulated by the protein kinase CK2 which promote tumorigenesis and metastasis of colorectal and other cancers. Our group has reported the CK2-dependent up-regulation of several cell signaling pathways, including the canonical Wnt/β-catenin, PI3k/Akt/mTORC1, and currently the Endothelin-1 axis. Our more recent novel findings include the methuosis-like death of colorectal cancer cells induced by the specific CK2 inhibitor silmitasertib, as well as the role of the endothelin-converting enzyme-1c (ECE1c) in acquisition of malignant traits in colorectal, glioblastoma and lung cancer cells.


Publicaciones Recientes

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