Nominations to the Phd Program in Biomedical Sciences start in September before the start of the program.

Dates for the 2020 academic year:

Nominations on Monday September 2º until Monday September 30th 2019, further information visit Graduate School web page.

Admission Test

The entrance exam consists of a written exam, an oral exam and a personal interview.

Written test

The written admission test seeks to assess the overall scientific knowledge of applicants. It is not a test of subject knowledge which are consulted on specific thematic issues. It looks instead with general questions, the ability to use the scientific method, logical reasoning and identify the main aspects of graphics, causal relationships and draw conclusions from the data presented.

Oral exam

It consists of reading a scientific paper published in the biomedical mainstream magazine in English. The candidate will have 1 hour to analyze the work after which he will describe the work summarized in front of a committee of professors of the PhD Program. Subsequently, the examiners will question the applicant, with the aim of highlighting the general understanding of the work (ability to identify questions, hypotheses, methodology, analysis, results and projections) and understanding of basic scientific concepts. The oral examination will last approximately 45 minutes.


It consists of a conversation with a faculty committee of the PhD Program to learn about their previous education, vocational aspects and specific interests in relation to the program. The interview will take approximately half an hour.

More information and instructions available here.