JDP with the University of Groningen

The Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad de Chile (UCH) and the Graduate School of Medical Sciences of the University of Groningen (UG) offer a joint degree program (JDP) in Biomedical Sciences. Graduates from this program receive  the Doctor in Biomedical Sciences from both universities.


Margarita Ahumada
Overall Management of the JDP
Faculty of Medicine at the University of Chile

Lisette Leyton, Ph.D.
Academic Management of the JDP
Faculty of Medicine at the University of Chile

Joyce Fongers
Overall Management of the JDP
The Graduate School of Medical Sciences at the University Medical Center Groningen


In 2018 the Rectors of both universities signed an agreement establishing the JDP in Biomedical Sciences. The JDP is the result of increasingly close collaboration between UG’s Graduate School of Medical Sciences and the UCH Faculty of Medicine and is an expansion of the existing double-degree PhD collaboration.

This program is fully accredited. At UCH, all admitted JDP students must first be admitted to the doctoral program in Ciencias Biomédicas.

Admitted JDP students spend approximately four years on a joint doctoral research project (i.e. excluding obligatory course credits) to meet the PhD requirements at both UCH and UG. More detailed information on the JDP (procedures, structure, funding) may also be found in the JDP application form, available for download below or on the UG’s Graduate

School of Medical Sciences website:


Admission Procedure

Admission to the UCH-UG Joint Doctoral Program in Biomedical Sciences requires both approval of a joint research proposal, designed by the applicant in close cooperation with UCH and UG supervisors and successful completion of an examination. Approval of this proposal is the first step in the application process. Formal admission to the JDP is based on both the evaluation of the application package, as well as the subsequent or simultaneous approval of the UCH Qualification Exam (QE).

Students may be conditionally admitted to the JDP based on an evaluation of the application package by the competent authorities at UCH and UG. Students will be formally admitted upon passing the UCH PhD QE.

Qualification Exam

The Qualification Exam (QE) is a formal requirement of the UCH PhD program in Ciencias Biomédicas. The QE does not exist in the Dutch PhD system but all applicants to the JDP from both universities must pass the QE in order to be formally admitted to the JDP. The QE Committee in the case of the JDP consists of representatives of both UCH and UG. During the QE the candidate will defend
the thesis proposal to the QE committee.

How to apply?

Students should submit a full application package that consists of:

-JDP application form (template available below)
-JDP research proposal (template available below)
-Curriculum Vitae (incl. educational/professional history, publications, prizes and awards)
-Proof of English proficiency
-Copy of certificate of highest degree obtained
-Support letter from both the UCH and UG main supervisor (template available below)
-If applicable, proof of funding (e.g. ANID) awarded for the duration of the JDP
-Certificate of courses and credits completed

The evaluation of application packages is based on project quality & feasibility, as well as the availability of financial resources to carry out the JDP project.

JDP Application Documents
JDP Application JDP UCH-UG Application Form_FINAL (v. 2020.05.04)
JDP Research Proposal JDP UCH-UG Research Proposal_template_FINAL (v. 2020.05.04)
JDP supervisor support letter